Hearing the Voice of God in Your Business


In the very first college class I attended at Oral Roberts University, way back in 1994, they played an audio message from our founder Oral. He said that you didn’t have to be a pastor to be in ministry. He encouraged us to learn whatever field God had led us into and take God’s Word and voice into every man’s world. This was a revelation to me and opened my eyes to new possibilities.

It was also really encouraging for my friends who wanted to be accountants, nurses, and non “ministry” positions. I’ll never forget where I was when I heard that message because it was the first time someone had given me permission to go serve God in a non-ministry role. My friends and I had grown up thinking you had to be a pastor to serve God in your career. This gave us freedom to take Christ into “every man’s world.”

So my question to you is, are you in a business relationship with God?

About three years ago I was sitting at my desk. I heard the Lord speak very clearly to me. Actually, it may have been audible and it may just have been so clear that I interpreted it as audible. But, He said, “Wendy, do you want to make Young Living a business?”


Now, Young Living is an essential oil company that I was in. I had joined solely to buy my family essential oils and had no intentions of doing a business with it because of the negative stigma that multi-level marketing companies have.

My reply to Him was, “Well, actually, I think the answer is no. But if you are asking, maybe I should look into it.” He said to me, “If you do this as a business, I will show you what going into business with God as your partner is like.”

For the record, Young Living is a company that I believe was birthed by God. The products are all essential oils which are God’s creation for our healing.I really believe He is for this company. It’s run by men, so I know it’s not perfect. But the oils themselves are made by God and not man, and they are His.

So I wrote myself a physical contract saying that I was going into business with God as my partner. And I journaled and listened. He would challenge me… “how many people do you have faith to add to your organization this month?” My first reply was “one.” I was not good at sharing and wasn’t going to go knock down any doors to try to sell something. Sure enough, a lady hunted me down and practically begged me to sign up. Things like this happened a lot. He would show me what to ask for, I’d do it, and He’d supply.

He told me to ask Him to bring business builders into my path. I started praying and asking that people who would love the essential oils and natural health would come across my path and that I’d have the words to share with them. Then, He answered. He brought people who are now pretty much full time essential oil reps into my downline. He brings wisdom and advice at every turn. I know I am not in this alone, my Partner has my back.

He also gave me a vision of where I am going in this company. He spoke to my heart and then confirmed it through several other instances and prophetic words given to me by people who didn’t know what they were doing or saying. He gave me a vision and a hope for the future. I have confidence in my business and in what I’m doing because He is walking it with Me. I pray over the people under me and ask God to bless and enlarge their territory. Every person that expands… it means more people are helped with natural health solutions, which is part of my calling.

So, what is your vocation? What is your dream for the future? How would it improve if you made a business contract and made God your partner? I encourage you to do it. I encourage you to journal your prayers every day and listen to what He is telling you about your business. God is FOR you and He loves you so much. He wants to be involved in every area of your life. I encourage you to invite Him into your business! Only then can it grow and expand to it’s fullest potential. I truly believe it!


Does God Speak to us in Dreams?


Howdy friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post. I am currently studying about how God speaks to us in dreams and I thought maybe some of you would like to learn along with me. I’m studying several books but the one I like the most is by Mark & Patti Virkler called, “Hear God Through Your Dreams.” My husband gave me this book out of the blue at Christmas and I love it!

“Hear my Words; If there is a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known to him in a vision, I speak with him in a dream.” (Num 12:6)

“I will bless the Lord who counsels me; He gives me wisdom in the night. He tells me what to do.” (Ps 16:7).

Those who understood the dreams that God had given them, such as Abraham and Solomon, became great and wise.

The Bible declares over and over that it is God who speaks to us through the dream (Numbers 12:6 and Acts 2:17) and it is God who counsels us at night through our dreams. (Ps. 16:7).

You would think we would all jump at the opportunity to receive God’s counsel free of charge every night, but most Christians have never had any kind of training in how to interpret dreams! Maybe we should take the time to learn a few principles.

The Lord has been speaking to me in my dreams lately. I even woke one morning recently with an audible voice that spoke wisdom and an answer I had been looking for regarding a business decision. This is a new arena for me and I have learned to recognize that it is Him who is speaking. I plan to do a blog series here on how we can all learn to recognize and interpret our dreams correctly.

Did you know that sleep laboratories have proven that everyone dreams for a total of 1-2 hours a night? Alpha sleep is where one has what is called Rapid Eye Movement (REM). REM is where the eyes of the dreamer start moving rapidly. He is actually watching the scenes in the dream and his eyes are moving back and forth, observing the action. The sleep labs have discovered that if they awaken a person every time REM begins, preventing him from dreaming, after about three nights the person will begin to show stress and exhibit signs of a nervous breakdown. So dreams are an inner release mechanism which helps us balance our emotions and keep our sanity.

God declares in the Old Testament and the New Testament that He will speak to us through dreams. Acts 2:17 says, “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, ” I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.”

So it appears that God has chosen dreams as one form of communication with mankind. I believe He guides and counsels us through our dreams. He establishes covenants with us through our dreams. (Gen 15:12, 13, 18).  If God has chosen to speak to us in dreams, we should learn how to interpret what He is saying!

The next few blog posts are going to discuss some of the foundational principles for interpreting dreams. Come along with me and let’s learn together another one of the ways God is speaking to mankind!

Here is the first principle for interpreting dreams….

  1. Realizing that dreams are mostly symbolic. View them in the way you would a political cartoon. Put on your “symbolism” glasses and view the dream through those lenses. The symbols usually come from your life, so ask yourself what the symbol means to you. Joseph was a shepherd and dreamed of the sun, moon and stars bowing down. These are images of a shepherd boy who lives in the fields. King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed of statues of gold. He’s a king. Statues surround kings who live in palaces.


Stay tuned for more principles for interpreting dreams. I encourage you to get Mark Virkler’s book! It is SO good!




Dear Snatchproof readers,

My life has been nuts over the past few months. But I’m still listening and trying to hear from God, just like you do. I’ve been in a stage where I can’t share what He has been telling me because it involved big changes for me and my family that we couldn’t announce yet.

I wanted you to now know about our big change. We are following His voice and leading and moving to Panama to fulfill a dream. As God has provided the connections and resources to make the move, we are walking forward. Here is a link to the story:


Have you been hearing anything from God lately? Share it with us in the comments if you can!

Free PDF copy of Snatchproof, The Art of Hearing God’s Voice

Hello friends,
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Wendy Selvig


What To Do When God Is Silent

Hi friends! It’s been almost two months since I last posted. I’ve been honestly going through a lot emotionally and when your emotions are up and down, it is hard to hear God! (At least for me it is!) One of you wrote to me recently and asked what to do when God is silent. Lately, I’ve been getting some silence! But you know what? I’ve learned now over time and am confident that HE IS NOT SILENT. John 10:27 says that “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” I believe He is speaking all of the time. But what happens when you can’t hear Him?

Emotions are tricky. In comparing our lives to a ship on the ocean, when the waves are calm, all is well. But when life starts to rock the boat and our emotions are up and down and all over the place, we start to feel unstable. We start to feel out of control. Fear enters the picture and that’s when it happens. God gets silent.

 jesus 2

But does He really stop speaking? I don’t think so.

What is funny is that I’ve been still hearing Him in the little things, in the things I’m not emotional about… but the big things, well… my emotions get in the way and though I’m sure He is still speaking, I’m afraid my own emotions get in the way and suddenly I’m not sure what is His voice and what is my own.

Can you relate?

So here is the big question… What is it that causes us to think God has gone silent?

Could it be our emotional state? When things are calm and steady it is much easier to hear Him than when our emotions are all over the place. Fear creates doubt which deafens our ears.

So here is my big emotional upheaval. My husband has an awesome opportunity with his job and it includes a relocation on our part. We don’t know if it will be just a 6 month move, a year or two or forever. But the move includes uprooting our family and moving out of the country.

It’s exciting, adventurous, and is keeping me on my knees! Your will Lord? Your opportunity? “YES” I hear in the quiet.

But our house… do we sell it or do we rent it out? (SILENCE)

Do we put our kids in the local school or homeschool there? (SILENCE)

Can I really leave the family and friends and church that I love so dearly for something unknown? (Insert tears here…) (SILENCE)

And so I wait and ponder… and I realize the times that I have a hard time hearing His voice are the places that I have fear.

What is fear? The absence of faith. And without faith it is impossible to please God. And I would add, impossible to hear God.

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” Isaiah 43:1-2 (NIV)

So when the waves threaten to break over your bow, set your feet firmly in faith and trust that He has not stopped speaking. Position yourself in faith so that you can begin to hear again.



Wendy Selvig is the author of Snatchproof, the Art of Hearing God’s Voice. You can find it at Amazon.com or at the bookstore at Westbow Press.


January 1st Challenge: Journaling your prayers to hear God’s voice


I know that Christmas isn’t here yet, but I wanted to give you some time to prepare for your January first resolutions. Our resolutions tend to stick more when we are intentional about them and we prepare ahead of time. This will help them stick longer and maybe even develop into good habits!

I want to challenge you to make 2015 the year you really get confident in your ability to hear God’s voice in your own life. How much more productive and successful in every way would your year be if you could hear Him clearly?

The first place to start when learning to hear God speak is through journaling. For some, journaling comes easy and for others it is a challenge. Buy yourself a real spiral bound journal or notebook, or create a word document on your computer that you can save as “My Prayer Journal.” Either method will work as long as you have a place to go to journal your thoughts and prayers. Journaling is what helped me gain confidence that I hear His voice and I’m certain it will help you too.


Begin by writing out (or typing) a prayer to the Lord. Make a habit of praising and thanking Him for blessings in your life. Be honest and tell God how you feel about Him. Explain where you want your relationship with Him to go. Then bring any needs you have to Him. Tell Him what is on your heart and then take a few moments to rest in His peace. When you are ready, close your eyes and listen to your thoughts. Just take note of them. Be ready to write. Imagine Jesus standing or sitting beside you with an approving smile on His face (He definitely approves of you coming to Him and trying to learn to hear His voice.)

Then, see if you can imagine what He might say to you. This might feel awkward at first. Allow yourself to feel awkward. Don’t rush it. Write a response to yourself from Jesus and don’t think too hard about what you are writing.

What would Jesus say to you to encourage you? What would He say about the needs you have brought to Him? What does Jesus say about your future? Remember, you’re just learning how to hear Him. Allow yourself permission to feel awkward. As you’re priming the pump and thinking on these things, He is able to speak into your thoughts. You have to trust that what He promised is true. His sheep hear His voice and they know Him. He has sealed you with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is within you and can and does speak to you in your thoughts.

Write whatever comes to your mind. Know that it is acceptable if some of what you write is from you and not from God. This is practice. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be shared with anyone. God is not sitting up on His throne ready to strike you if you get it wrong. Jesus’ job is to point us to the Father and to help us by covering our shortcomings. God looks at us through His son Jesus, and all has been made right through Him. Jesus is a loving, encouraging Shepherd who is excited that you are trying to hear His voice.

It may take time for you to develop confidence that you are really hearing God rather than making it up in your head, so just know that ahead of time. And as you journal every day from God’s perspective to you, be brave to write things that you aren’t sure are from Him. Usually when you go back and read what you have written you’ll be amazed to see God’s voice really did speak. Over time you’ll be able to see that the things you are writing down from him are true. You’ll have more confidence that He really is speaking to you and you’ll feel better about your own ability to hear Him. And then journaling can become a way that you use to personally hear God when you need to.


If you need another tool to help you in your journey for hearing God’s voice, get a copy of my book, Snatchproof, The Art of Hearing God’s Voice. It’s available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at the publisher’s site, WESTBOW PRESS.

God Speaks in Many Ways – This week it was a dream.

Dreams Key Representing Hopes And Visions


Hello my friends,

As you know, the theme of my blog is about how to hear the voice of God. There are truly so many ways He speaks into our lives. My heart and passion is to help people to hear Him. Some days I want to shout from the mountaintops: HE SEES YOU! HE WANTS YOU TO COME TO HIM! HE IS SPEAKING…DON’T MISS IT!

But we are all born into brokenness and spiritual blindness. We have to stop looking with our eyes and start listening with our ears… our hearts… our minds… our circumstances… our dreams… our minds.

Most of the time, in my experience, He speaks through the world He made. He speaks through circumstances and people. And every once in awhile, a true miracle happens where a person will audibly hear Him, or have an open vision, or a vivid dream that means something.


Two nights ago He spoke an answer to a prayer in a dream for me. This is a first for me. He has spoken to me in so many ways before but not a dream. This dream was so obviously God, I wanted to share it for all of you who could use a little encouragement in your walk to pursue Him.

I’ve been very sick for almost 8 weeks now. I’ve never been sick like this, at least not since I was a little girl. I’ve been to the doctor and the ER, been through a round of antibiotics and nothing has helped. What was finally determined is that I had an allergic reaction to mold which sent me into a bronchial infection that turned into asthma. Eight weeks later I was still having a hard time breathing, wheezing with every breath. I can’t stand not being able to breathe clearly. I have been so frustrated and have been searching for a natural answer to asthma as all of the doctors say there is no cure for asthma and you just have to take medications to “control” it. THAT is not acceptable to me. I know there is an answer and I prayed and asked God to lead me to the answer or lead me to the person who would have it.


Two nights ago at 4AM I awoke from a vivid dream. In the dream I was searching the internet and on my computer screen it said, “CURE FOR ASTHMA: FENUGREEK” – Then, I woke up. I thought, “Could this be a dream from God or was this just my overactive mind dreaming of finding the answer?”

I didn’t know the properties of Fenugreek. I knew it was an herb, but I remembered it mostly from when I was having children and that people used it for nursing purposes. Haven’t thought of that herb in years.

I got out my iphone and did a quick search for Fenugreek and asthma. I have heard of Fenugreek but don’t know what it is used for. I wasn’t even sure I remembered how to spell it right! Sure enough, there were tons of articles about using Fenugreek to control asthma!!!  That next morning I ran to Whole Foods and bought a bottle of Funugreek seed capsules and slammed down 4 of them in the parking lot. (I was still wheezing with every breath.) By the time I got home 20 minutes later, the wheezing had calmed way down. All day long I controlled the asthma with the Fenugreek capsules. That night I got a whole night’s sleep for the first time in weeks!

I’ve been using the Fenugreek now for two days and can tell I am getting better. It controls the asthma but then I can tell when it wears off and I need more, but my understanding in controlling asthma is to calm the lungs and everything down where nothing spasms and your attack is over. I have just had two days of calmness and full breaths and I would have never known about this marvelous herb had the Lord not spoken to me in my dream!

Have you heard Him speak in your life lately? Pursue Him my friends. Seek the Lord while He may be found. The eyes of the Lord move throughout the earth that He may STRONGLY support those whose hearts are completely His… That is scripture. He wants you to come to Him so that He can help you as you walk spiritually blind through this world. He loves you dearly. Take the leap and draw near to Him. Start with a prayer asking Him to open your ears and heart to recognize His voice when He speaks to you. I promise you won’t be disappointed!




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We are supposed to hear God’s voice

We were intended to hear His voice from the beginning. I am sure of it. Wisdom was perfect before the Fall and we see it played out with Adam walking through the Garden talking with God. When we invite God back into our lives, that conversation with Him can continue. We have to learn to hear His voice so that He can give us insights as we travel through the days of our lives. Invited, He comes and gives us INSIGHT. Blindly we walk in a broken world, but He gives us INSIGHT to keep us from falling.

One of the ways He brings insight is by bringing the same message across our path over and over. I’ve been seeking the Lord for a specific healing in my body.I have literally been healed three times in this area where I receive prayer and the pain goes away and for 2 or 3 days it is completely better and then the pain creeps back in. And I’ve sought God for answers on this because I know that He wants me healed, and I know that I’ve experienced those healings, but I feel like there is something else that is keeping me from staying healed. And I’ve not been able to figure it out. So, I asked Him. I asked Him to reveal this and I’ve been wanting to know for ages about healing and how it all works. I know the body is fearfully and wonderfully made and that our mind, bodies and spirits are connected. I know that I’ve seen miraculous healings and I’ve seen some people not get healed and I’ve been asking God to reveal to me why different people have different reactions. I believe God is GOOD and I know from my scripture and study that He wants people healed and whole. I do believe we are in a broken world and we walk blindly and we need HIS INSIGHT into all of this to understand. So, I’ve asked and have been waiting for His words and insight.

Yesterday He brought 4 people who do not know each other into my life who gave me the same message. Three of them came through phone conversations (1 from Colorado Springs, 1 from Arizona, and 1 from Texas) and one in person. These people called me for various reasons but they all happened back to back in the same afternoon.) The message they each ended up mentioning in our conversations is that when there is a persistent medical issue that won’t get healed, there is often emotional trauma involved that is associated with it. Seriously four people told me this over a period of 12 hours.This is one way that God speaks and I’ve experienced this before many times. Especially when I ASK Him for an answer and then it comes like this, it’s so cool how He works.

I think I have some praying and emotional releasing to look into. Studies show that our bodies are like a computer and that information can actually be stored in our cells – CLICK HERE FOR A HARVARD STUDY. Holistic health practitioners say that we store trauma and emotions in different organs of the body, and that is why some organs are susceptible to sickness. This is all a little “out there” for me but as I continually research things like this and see that Harvard backs up that every cell of our body could be used as a hard drive…. things like this make a bit more sense.

Recently I’ve also learned that certain essential oils help our body release trauma too, as well as promoting healing in our bodies. He’s teaching me by His INSIGHT. I’m in the middle of this and don’t have the final answers yet, but I’ll let you know when the issues are healed and what I’ve learned!


Wendy Selvig is the author of Snatchproof, The Art of Hearing God’s Voice. Westbow Press is the publisher. To get your copy, order it here.

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